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DUI and DWI laws you need to know for auto insurance in Charlotte

Bad driving record makes bad impression: While North Carolina is a state where the car insurance policies are the cheapest, it is also a place where DUI and DWI laws are strictest. With a bad driving record, people find it impossible to purchase auto insurance in Charlotte. And with the introduction of Laura’s Law things would become even harder for people having a DWI status. Before any law is discussed you need to know the difference between DUI and DWI. DUI is the short form of driving under the influence. This can be an influence of any drunk person and could even be drunk driving. However DWI is specifically for people who drink while driving, as DWI means driving while intoxicated.

DWI and DUI laws are strict: While many people consider DWI to be a smaller crime than DUI, you need to know that it is not. The sentence of a person in both of these cases varies with the situation or the seriousness of the events. For example if a person is alone and caught while drunk driving might get off with just a heavy fine. Whereas driving drunk and causing an accident or with a child in the car can turn out to be quite troublesome for the drunk person. In such cases you would most probably earn a ticket to jail. The Laura’s Law will not make things easier for people suffering from DWI. (1) The first thing which you need to know is that the fine cost would be increased by a further $100. These are just the beginning of the troubles as a person with such a record would have to purchase and pay for auto insurance in Charlotte.

DUI and DWI charges render you high risk customers: People with DUI or DWI in their driving records are high risk customers for the insurance companies. This means that the person would cause damage to the financial position of the insurance policy. There are certain ways by which you can reduce the cost of your insurance policy. For that you would need to compare quotes for auto insurance in Charlotte. The best method to do that would be over the internet. Once that is done, select an insurance company which offers discounts and make sure that you are eligible for them. If you have a bad driving record, then as a driver you might not be able to claim discounts. This is the time when you need to make sure that the standard of your car is high. Insurance companies have a list of cars which have a greater possibility of getting stolen in your state. The cars at the bottom of the list might provide you with Charlotte cheap car insurance. Installing or upgrading the security systems of your car might decrease the price of your insurance policy.

 Minimum limit of coverage: Keep in mind that each state has a minimal amount of coverage set for car insurance policies. In order to get familiar with the recent threshold you need to contact Charlotte DMV. They might be able to save you or direct you in the right path for purchasing a cheap auto insurance in Charlotte.