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5 Tips for Teenagers on auto insurance in Charlotte

It is mandatory according to the authorities that every driver must have a car that is fully insured before it goes out on the roads of Charlotte. Teenagers are prone to accidents and rash driving so it becomes difficult for them to get discounts in their insurance policies. Following are five tips teenagers that can help them understand auto insurance in Charlotte.

1. Get a proper car driving education: For eager teens who wish to begin driving as soon as possible, once they are fourteen and a half, they can take the required driver education course provided by North Carolina state. The course may be offered through their school and is a critical first step to becoming a licensed driver.

2. Get a license: At fifteen years of age your teen can apply for a learners permit. This will allow them to practice driving safely and legally on the roads of Charlotte. Bear in mind that any driver who holds a permit must be supervised by a licensed driver over the age of 21. It’s recommended by the local Charlotte DMV that this supervisor be a parent, grandparent or legal guardian. A proper education means that the teenager will be less likely to encounter an accident.

3. Parents can add the teenagers in their own insurance plans: North Carolina law states that any driver must be insured under their own or other’s car insurance plan. For teenagers, parents frequently add the younger driver to their existing plan and purchase more coverage. This step is necessary whether they will have their own vehicle or be using a family members. For teens that wish to hold their own auto insurance policy, it’s encouraged they shop around. Unfortunately, due to their lack of an established positive driving history and driving experience, rates will be high regardless of the type of vehicle being insured. Most commonly, rates to insure young drivers are significantly reduced once the driver turns twenty-four.

4. Good grades will help the teenagers: Regardless of what plan or company will insure the young driver, take advantage of discounts offered to you. Good grades in school yield pleasing policy discounts. Simply bring your teen’s most recent report card from high school or college into a local office and they will apply a discount of up to 15% off your policy rate. While speaking with your agent, ask if any discounts are offered for having multiple drivers listed. These are all cost effective ways to save money when insuring teenage drivers. When insuring a young driver; also take this opportunity to review the type of coverage on your policy.

5. Teenage drivers need more insurance coverage: Younger drivers are more at risk for collisions and by simply adding a few hundred dollars of coverage to your auto insurance in Charlotte only results in a small increase per month. Should there ever be an accident, you’ll be thankful for the increased coverage. Otherwise, the peace of mind is always there that your teen is safe while on the roads.

Driving gives young members of the community a sense of independence and maturity. By teaching them how to drive responsibly, driving opens the doors to possibilities. Younger drivers can be more complicated to insure under an auto policy as they require an increased amount of coverage. Utilize all savings and discounts available to your family. Charlotte insurance agents are friendly and will work with you to customize your policy.