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4 major points must know about DWI and DUI for an auto insurance in Charlotte

We all have faced the situation in which we needed to have an auto insurance. Be it due to a minor accident, due to somebody else’’s mistake or be it your mistake that leads to a major accident, you will be able to receive an auto insurance to help you bear the expenses to get back your dear car into its previous shape. There are many options for auto insurance in Charlotte readily available to the people and it is up to them to choose the best as per their requirement. Just as every person has a different finger print, their requirements from auto insurances will also differ from person to person.

1. DWI and DUI charges: In case of serious offenses like DWI or DUI, the person at the wheel can be subjected to a lot of charges since these offenses are considered dangerous not only to the driver but also to the co-passengers as well as the other people travelling along the same road. Driving under the influence of any kind of sedatives can lead to havoc and may sometimes even lead to the death of the people involved. In order to prevent this, strong laws are imposed in Charlotte thereby protecting the lives of the individuals.

2. Punishment is severe: Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated is strictly prohibited everywhere in Charlotte and the severity of the punishment depends on the quantity of the sedatives consumed by the rider/driver and the number of times the driver committed the offense. The suspects are eligible to undergo a trial in the court of law in case the content of the alcohol in blood is more than 0.08.

3. The BAC limits: The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit varies with the age and vehicle of the person and is intolerable in a few cases. However, the charged is provided a chance to defend themselves with the help of an attorney so as to protect their interests by giving them a chance to prove their side of the story right.

4. Different penalties for different charges: The charges for such crimes may vary for each case and can be either a penalty, a jail sentence, community service or the combination of any two of the above three. In case of severe damage caused by the drunken driver, the license can be revoked for a certain time period and released only with a set of restrictions and special rules that to be followed. The cops stationed at different points on the roads conduct checking on suspected drivers using BAC detectors and if caught, can lead to even the suspension of their licenses. With the growing amount of the population and the change in the lifestyles, regulation of traffic and its safety is important and enough measures are to be taken to avoid accidents. It is possible that in the case of accidents caused due to the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other sedatives as a matter of fact can even cause you to lose the auto insurance in the Charlotte due to carelessness while driving on road.