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Some tips on buying cars that help you get discounts in auto insurance in Charlotte

It doesn’t take an auto insurance genius to know that a brand new sports car is going to be more expensive to insure by auto insurance in Charlotte than a few year old four door sedan. If you are currently looking to buy a new car, but are concerned about what it may cost to insure the vehicle; some tips are listed below to aid in your search to find a cost effective model.

Insurance for SUV and Sedan: Whether you are looking for a two door coupe or a full sized SUV, there are cars in each class that are affordable to insure. Generally, when browsing for a car, a few general tips apply across the board. A new car may not always be the cheapest to insure. A new car can save you money as it most likely has security and safety features that insurance companies are able to offer a discount on. These features include an alarm system, auto locking doors, anti theft marking (VIN numbers on all parts) or additional airbags from the standard required amount. Bear in mind that a new car may not have immediate access to generic brand parts should you need repairs. This may result in a higher deductible or policy rate overall. Regardless of if your new vehicle is old or new, the make and model are taken into consideration to see what the likelihood of theft on the vehicle may be. Lower priced vehicles regardless of the year or mileage can save you a few dollars when it comes time to insure the car.

Some myths concerning car insurance: Rumor has it that red cars are more expensive to insure than the same model in black. Contrary to popular belief, this is indeed just a myth. When a local Charlotte agent is compiling an insurance quote for you; the color of the car is the last thing on their mind. The roots of this thought stem from red being a color associated with racing and therefore more likely to be pulled over by law enforcement officials. But studies show that no one color car is more likely to be pulled over than another. Although the color itself does’n’t matter, do keep in mind the type of paint used on your car. If it has a metallic finish, should you ever be in an accident, the parts may not match the vehicle’s color. This may result in the car having to be completely repainted at your cost.

The country that has manufactured the car can influence insurance rates: A car has finally caught your eye. It’s the perfect color, the right price and you can drive it home today. Before signing the papers, consider the make of the car. If it is’n’t American made, is it still popular and frequently seen on the roads? If not, insurance premiums may be higher as parts are less readily available and more expensive overall.

Speed of the car: A final note to keep in mind is the style and speed of the car. A two door upscale coupe has a higher top speed than a four door pickup truck, which unfortunately makes it more so of a liability. The faster the car’s top speed, the more you may be paying to insure your vehicle in Charlotte.

When purchasing a vehicle either new or used; for the most part an insurance quote is based on you and your driving history. The car does play a significant role, but insurance is more likely to boil down to your history with accidents.